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Updated: May 9, 2021

In this post I will show you my main collections, tins/jars sizes and difference)

These are SIGNATURE tins - I looove them! They are pretty big - hold 200g wax , smooth to touch and never get too hot due to a special thick bottom. They are available in different colors and scents. I use 100% soy wax with high grade aroma oils in these candles and 1 or 2 wicks.

The second type of vessel for my base line is CRYSTAL JAR. It’s a bit wider than a tin and holds 250g of wax.

I use these jars for GEL candles and SOY wax candles with stones, pearls and crystals. They are very elegant!

Glass jar candle is bigger than crystal glass candle. I use the glass jars for various candles: home aroma collection, gift sets, giveaways, rainbow candles. The candles in these jars are made of 100% soy wax with 1 or 2 wicks, scented with aroma oils. I usually decorate them with dried herbs and flowers.

The candles in glass jars hold 300-350 g wax and burn more than 50 hours.

The final representative of the main line - MEDITATION CANDLES. They come in tins of 2 sizes - small and medium. They are used not only for meditation. But also for stress relief and air cleansing from bacteria, viruses and allergens.

There’s something special about them)

The meditation candles are made with the blend of natural waxes for some reason. It’s a blend of soy and beeswax or soy and coconut wax. That’s why the color of the wax there is more yellowish than in other candles.

Regardless their comparatively small size the meditation candles burn long hours. They are either not scented or lightly scented only with essential oils without any aromas added: lavender oil, lemongrass, eucalyptus, mint, and others. I decorate them with dried flowers and herbs, salt crystals and stones.

They are sold one by one or in sets.

Regardless the vessel of the candle the quality is always high. The wax, oils, fragrances, wicks are carefully selected for the healthy and long-lasting burning. The packaging will always impress.

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